1 Target
Aero-Train-Park-Bridge (Green Parks);
1TW AeroNet-energy (Wind-Solar-Wave);
1M Water Battery Aerocars from AeroFactory AeroHangars;
1M users AeroNet-communication (broad band optic fiber cable);

1M tons year Aerofarm-food (algae/fish, all crops 365 aeroponic modular farms);
1M cargo high-way ship/container port-train (under bridge AquaShip/AeroHook/Crain),
1M real estate units Home/Office/Store/Factory Art-Tech Global Incubator Universities;
1M passengers Aerotrain-transport (electric, 9min crossing, $1 seat, $9 cabin, $19 e-car);
1M units Aeroponic Natural Trees/Gardens and Artificial AeroTree (energy, compress gases);

1km Space-Port Electric Accelerator-Elevator cross-pyramid H2/H2O Aeroblock vertical-horizontal pile-up;

1M Mesambulances, 1k Mesclinics, 1 Meshospitals w/ IUI (Health), 1k Jusistem Stations (Security/Justice);
1 cross wing-Island Gcities; Weather-Manager Wind-Wave Stability flow through modular sphere aqua/aeroblock;
above/under water vertical/horizontal kiels/wings mirror-laser/wind-propeller, floor/sky pilars/cable anchors/floaters;
1M liters/day Drinking Water, Hydrogen, Oxygen Production (water heat/electrolisys, energy storage, fuel cell energy);
Building Phases: 1-Sandaerohangar 2-Sandaeroblocks 3-Sandaeronet 4-Sandaeroships 5-Sandaerotrain 6-Sandaerobridge.
Probable subsurface ocean with 100 km depth, rock core, possibility of unicellular Life and introduction of Life. Lower radiation levels for initial Human exploration/occupation base of Jupiter system.
Surface covered with impact craters is oldest and most heavily cratered in the Solar System with highest probability of presence of multi elements from impact objects from inner/outer system.
No geological activity, volcanism/plate tectonics, preserving impacted/attracted Jupiter, Satellites, Asteroids, Comets endo/exo Solar system materials/substances, as materials, substances, elements, water, organics, microlife, preserved/developed in underground protected ocean and rock core.

Apply to buy/sell shares

Globolsa-Globocean Enterprises

Escrow account to acquire collateral asset

Gcity and AeroPark-Bridge
Globolsa G$1Billion Equity Line, currency ballast enterprise shares w/ asset collateral;
Globocean Citizen Shareholders Seed G$/US$/Euro Investment;
Citizenship-shareholding Gcity application with:
G$/US$1 for 1 one way seat crossing ticket
G$/US$10 for 1 one way cabin crossing ticket
G$/US$100 for 1% deposit for 25m2 Residential-Commercial Unit
G$/US$1000 for 1% deposit for 100m2 Residential-Commercial Unit
G$/US$1111 for total package including title ID/passport of Founding-Citizen
JOIN Gcity: APPLY at globolsa (at) globolsa (dot) com
SANDAEROPARK - BRIDGE - H2/H20 Sandaeroblocks
SANDAQUASHIP - CARGO - Under Bridge High-Way Hook/Crain Port/Train
SANDAERONET - ENERGY - Solar-Wind-Wave Generation
Callisto Green Global Incubator University Campus
Callisto Green Global Incubator
Start-Up Art-Tech University Campus
Green AeroPark
H2 + H2O AeroBlocks
Solar-Wind-Wave Energy
Start-Up Art-Tech-Hub
Under-Above Water Units
Callisto Green Cities
Mesclinics w/ Mesbanks w/ IUI
Individual Universal Immunotherapy
SANDAQUASHIP - ISLAND - Anchored Sandaeroblocks
Theme Park
Callisto - Jupiter Satellite
3rd largest Satellite in Solar System,
thin CO2/O2 atmosphere,
outer lower-Jupiter-radiation orbit,
subsurface ocean and rock core.
SF Callisto
Cal Gcity
Solaser Solar Mirror/Lens Laser heat melting surface ice, generating vapor, pumping of underground water to create lakes, rivers, oceans, islands, beaches and atmosphere. Laser photolysis of vapor and electrolysis of water to produce Oxygen and Hydrogen.
Solaser transporting solar-rocket-sail macro/mini-space ship/station/robot to Callisto, Venus, Moon, Mars, Ceres, Psyche, Europa, Ganymede, Titan, Encedalus, Titania, Triton, Pluto and Eris in minutes/hours; Lots and Bots on Callisto Gcities; Self and/or remote control 4D HAI (Human Artificial Intelligence) robots assembled to order on Callisto; GO Callisto Gcites Elevator, Wheel, Dome, Tunnel and Bridge; Poles Space Elevators Electric Solenoid and Solaser Global Network Generating Magnetic/Photonic Shield; Low cost teleport cargo/Humans by Laser/Gaser sending information to 3D copy/avatar/clone Printer/Assembly/Incubator.