1) Direct Democracy Global Ocean Aerospace Federation:

Ocean (Ocity), Aero (Acity), Space (Scity), Terrestrial (Tcity) and Underground/water (Ucity) Globocean Gcities in International Waters, Land (Antarctica) and Aerospace; Insular/Continental Nations, Regions, States, Zones, Municipalities approving tax/law/labor free Constitution with plebiscite; Aqua-Aeroship mobile vehicles with Globocean Flag in national ports, international ports and national parking in empty terrestrial spaces as deserts, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains etc.

2) Direct Universal Rights:

Health, Education, Security, Freedom of Expression, Initiative, Organization and Competition.

3) Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs:

All citizens are active intellectual capital investor-workers of independent self-financed organizations with available products/services affordable to all; minimum income/assets for all; all active-investors direct trade/vote; no barrier of entry and Direct Global Exchange.

4) Direct Economy with Zero Labor, Unemployment and Inflation:

Intellectual capital share monthly dividends; 24 hours market independent self-financed organizations with direct budgets, independent self-financed counter-cycle demand coordination organizations, as central banks/exchanges/insurances, with a system of asset reserves and income/sale individual contributions to Individual Investment, Health and Social Security Funds.

5) Direct Executive with Zero Taxation:

Non-paid 3-8 hour shift 24 Hour strategic coordination co-mayor and co-president direct executive; last resort counter-cycle and strategic coordination by the way of independent self-financed organizations to guarantee Human Rights and efficient resource full capacity utilization. Compensatory Taxation deposited in Individual Investment, Health and Social Security Accounts, in case of Globocean citizens with multiple citizenship where taxation of a nationality is global on the citizen by the highest rate.

6) Direct Judiciary with Zero Legislation:

Damages prevented without previous authoritarian, inefficient and bureaucratic legislation; open certification of justice agents (policemen, investigators, prosecutors, defenders and judges) with non-lethal weapons, voluntary and/or paid on demand by Global Direct Judicial System; proof of damage, premeditation and danger for compensation, fine and productive-educational home restriction (digital audio-visual-movement monitoring and home internal cell for serial human physical damagers).

7) Direct Environment with Zero Pollution:

Full damage payment from the polluters to the polluted can be quantified, applied and enforced by Direct Global Judicial System; there never was and never will be a right to any level of government regulated pollution; omission, negligence or direct legislation on levels of pollution constitute a minority right violation and damages must be repaired.

8) Direct Society with Zero Poverty:

Society without income class conflict with direct access to human rights, minimum wealth and minimum income. Labor is conceptualized as intellectual capital, just like capital allocation/entrepreneurship could be conceptualized as labor. Originating emission of monetary capital is ballasted by emission of shares to expand production capacity to be deposited in Individual Investment, Health and Social Security accounts of all citizens, paying monthly dividends, from 100% profit distribution, averaging 20% net margin.