Green Globocean Ecoships
GREEN GLOBOCEAN ECOSHIPS - Modular Passenger-Commerce Ships
Art-Tech Incubator-Campus Expo-Shopping:

GLOBOCEAN FLAG ships, tax/law/labor free, anchorage/headquarter in economic international waters offshore Ocities of the Global Ocean Federation.

All businesses must have a GLOBOLSA, Direct Global Exchange, global holding/subsidiary enterprise ( 100% profit payout as monthly dividend; investment and reinvestment plans approved by active investors with funds in escrow account; all active worker-investors receive non-negotiable functional shares for intellectual capital (no labor contracts).

SANDAQUASHIPS, supplied by Sandaero Aerosystems (, are an electronic magnetic/vacuum/latch connection pile-up of carbon modules with all side slide doors:

1640 structured rectangular Sandaeroblock (12.5 m2; 5 x 2.5 x 2.5m=31.25m3) pyramidal pile-up; multimaran base propulsion/energy/sanitation utility units (200) (w/ 5 back bio-solar-wind electric motor propellers); residential units (350); commercial units (350) (stores/offices); corridor units (640); plus 120 front wave piercing (20) and keel (100) triangular Sandaeroblocks (2.5 x 5 x 5 x 7m; 169.20m3).

Assembled directly on the water (no dry port needed) with Sandaeroblock triangular keel units placed in water, partially filled with water (later water pumped out, air pumped in and sealed); than Sandaeroblock rectangular units piled up, using Sandaeroship crane, with electronic magnetic/vacuum/latches clicked in; external front/back/center panoramic elevator and stairway added; back module units containing electric propellers added. All individually floatable air/aqua sealed slide door carbon modules can be assembled, disassembled, expanded or reduced in minutes or hours.

ECOSHIPS have a tropical island theme, are fully energy autonomous, running on bio-solar-wind energy produced on site (electric motor powered by generator powered by solar panels/film, wind turbines, methane produced by waste biodigestor and biofuel produced by algae tanks). Tropical theme sun deck, verandas and corridors with wind-water resistant tropical park (artificial and natural plants and animals combination), photo/painted/electronic screen wall scenary, including blue sky corridor and residential-commercial unit ceilings.

UNIT PRICE per connectable residential (350 units) and commercial (350 units) modules of 12.5 m2
(US dollars or Globocean Globals: US$1 = G$1):

Full Ownership: US$9995 + US$95 month (maintenance).
Installment Ownership: US$125 month (for 20 years) + US$95 month (maintenance).
Month Fractional Ownership: US$995 (per month fraction) + US$9 month (maintenance)
Week Fractional Ownership: US$295 (per week fraction) + US$3 month (maintenance)
Day Fractional Ownership: US$49 (per day fraction) + US$1 month (maintenance)
Monthly Rental: US$295 month.
Weekly Rental: US$195 week.
Daily Rental: US$29 day.
Visitor Ticket: US$9 day.
SHIP PRICE: US$6995995 (

RESIDENTS: 700 residents, 2 per 350 residential units.
VISITORS: 1300 personal or art-tech expo shopping/business/entertainment visitors.
CREW: full/part-time resident-professionals and trained property-owners with revenue sharing.
TRANSPORTATION: aero-aqua-terrestrial transport integration with Sandaeroships (10 units)
(cabled Sandaeroships not in use can provide extra energy and propulsion from the air to ship).

ROUTE 1 (Local):
From available offshore Globocean Ocities to correspondent land Tcities and shoreline Cities.
ROUTE 2 (Transglobal)
48 weeks global anchor shoreline cities stops (plus all available Globocean Ocities and Tcities):
JAN Sao Paulo (Santos), Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, Montevideo
FEB Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Santiago, Lima
MAR Panama City, Acapulco, San Lucas, San Diego
ABR Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver
MAY Honolulu, Tokyo, Busan, Hong Kong
JUN Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town

JUL Lisbon, Barcelona, Monaco, Genoa
AGO Rome, London, Paris (Le Havre), Berlin (Warnemunde)
SET Quebec, Boston, New York, Miami
OCT Nassau, Cancun, Anguilla, Nevis
NOV Belém, Sao Luis, Fortaleza, Natal
DEC Maceió, Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro
Art-Tech Incubator-Campus Expo-Shopping
Tropical Island Ship
(initial-illustration to-be-modified concept-design)
Tropical Island Ship

Sandaeroblock concept-format

square pyramid multimaran
carbon module pile-up
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w/ resume/project
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Sandaeroblock 3
triangular front wave piercer and bottom keel
Sandaeroblock 2
center top-bottom
pool waterfall
sun deck wind-water resistant tropical park,
verandas and corridors
front/back external
panoramic elevator/stairs
central external
panoramic elevator/stairs
Modular Passenger-Commerce Ships
APPLY / RESERVE: send email w/ resume/project (no attachments) to: Sandaero(at)Sandaero(dot)com
Wing Stabilizer Propeller
Addition of lighter-than-air modules/wings allows full/partial air floating