1) Direct Democracy Global Ocean Aerospace Federation:

Insular/Continental Nations, Regions, States, Zones, Municipalities approving tax/law/labor free Constitution with plebiscite; Ocean (Ocity), Aero (Acity), Space (Scity), Terrestrial (Tcity) and Underground/water (Ucity) Globocean Gcities in International Waters, Land and Aerospace; Aqua-aeroships with Globocean Flag in National or International Ports.

2) Direct Universal Rights:

Health, Education, Security, Freedom of Expression, Initiative, Organization and Competition.

3) Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs:

All citizens active intellectual capital investor-workers of independent self-financed organizations with available products/services affordable to all; minimum income/assets for all; all active-investors direct trade/vote;
no barrier of entry and direct global exchange.

4) Direct Economy with Zero Labor, Unemployment and Inflation:

Intellectual capital share monthly dividends; 24 hours market independent self-financed organizations with direct budgets, independent self-financed counter-cycle demand coordination organizations, as central banks/exchanges/insurances, with a system of asset reserves and income/sale individual contributions to individual social security accounts.

5) Direct Executive with Zero Taxation:

Non-paid 3-8 hour shift 24 Hour strategic coordination co-mayor and co-president direct executive; last resort counter-cycle and strategic coordination by the way of independent self-financed organizations to guarantee Human Rights and efficient resource full capacity utilization.

6) Direct Judiciary with Zero Legislation:

Damages prevented without previous authoritarian, inefficient and bureaucratic legislation; open certification of justice agents (policemen, investigators, prosecutors, defenders and judges) with non-lethal weapons, paid on demand by Global Direct Judicial System; proof of damage, premeditation and danger for compensation, fine and productive-educational home restriction (digital audio-visual-movement monitoring and internal cell).

7) Direct Environment with Zero Pollution:

There never was a right to any level of government regulated pollution; direct legislation on levels of pollution constitute a minority right violation; full damage payment from the polluters to the polluted can be quantified, applied and enforced by direct judicial system.